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July 19, 2024

Business After Hours Event Information

How To Host A Successful Business After Hours

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Business After Hours (BAH) event through the Greater Robinson Chamber of Commerce!

We look forward to working with you and your staff. In an effort to help your company prepare for the event, the Robinson Chamber recommends you use the following suggestions as a guideline:

Business After Hours Event Suggestions:

  • Host your Business After Hours on an “off” weekday – You will generally get a bigger turn out for your event if you pick a day during the week when most people do not already have other plans. The GRCC recommends either hosting your event on a Tuesday or Thursday. This time slot seems to bring in the largest crowds.

  • Serve food and refreshments – The GRCC suggests you provide your guests with something to eat and drink. This will help to keep your guests at your place of business longer, especially since BAH’s are in the evening hours. Any food/drinks are fine. If you need suggestions just let us know, we have a list of caterers we can gladly recommend as well.

  • Collect visitors Business Cards – Be sure to have someone collect a business card from each of your guests. You can keep these and use them for your door prize drawing and then as future contacts for more networking.

  • Have a door prize drawing, give-away or game – Use the business cards you collect to give away a door prize. You can have your guests play a game and win prizes (promotional materials of your choice). This is always a good draw for your event and can be advertised on your invitations and on press releases.

  • Provide the Chamber with a Press Release – Write up a Press Release for your event and allow us to distribute it for you. We would be more then happy to write one up for you if do not have the opportunity to do so. A press release will help to bring out the local newspaper staff and advertise your event.

  • Provide the Chamber with your company logo – Email your company logo, photo, or letterhead to [email protected] for us to use in our email invitations. We can use this logo as a link to your website or email address to draw customers to your site before the event has even taken place.

  • Be creative! – There are no set rules for a Business After Hours. Hire a DJ, ask a radio station to come out and broadcast from your business that day, or provide your guests with a goody bag. Use ideas that will bring in a crowd. This is your opportunity to introduce the Robinson community to your business! The more unique your event is the more it will stick out in the memory of each of your guests – remember, these people can become your future clients and business contacts and a great source of networking!


These are just a few suggestions and are not required to host an event.

We look forward to your Business After Hours!

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